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About Us


I’m Yvonne Osondu, the proud owner of Reflexology & Shiatsu Services of Toronto. I am a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), and the solo practitioner here at our Toronto massage clinic.

Yvonne osondu rmt toronto

A blend of East & West

I’ve been a manual therapist for more than 25 years. I am a certified RMT here in Ontario (my massage clinic is based in Toronto).

I have thousands of hours of formal training, and have spent countless hours practicing hands-on.

Most recently I have enjoyed studying advanced head, neck, and jaw techniques.

My style comes from the study and practice of many different massage techniques, including reflexology and shiatsu. I often blend methods and concepts from Eastern and Western disciplines to provide a unique experience for my clients.

I have been told my hands are strong, confident, calm, and therapeutic.

When you book with me, expect a treatment that is both rehabilitative and relaxing.

By blending Eastern and Western styles, I can help you achieve your treatment goals faster than what’s possible with massage therapy alone.

Yvonne Osondu, RMT

Communication is key

My goal is to provide everyone who walks through my doors with quality care and treatment. I want you to leave the clinic feeling better than when you walked in.

But surely that’s the goal with any massage practitioner, right?

So how do I help you get results?

In my experience I have found that communication leads to rehabilitation.

This is true whether the goal is recovery or relaxation. I listen carefully to the story of the body. I take note of what is needed, and where my attention should be focused.

Furthermore, I encourage you to communicate your needs during your treatment.

This approach means that no two treatments are the same. Every session can be sculpted towards your specific needs. The end result is deeply nurturing and satisfying body work – both for the client and for myself.

See for yourself

First of all, thank-you for taking a moment to learn a little more about myself and my background.

But words are not always enough. I would be grateful for the opportunity to show you, first-hand, the benefits of working together.

I encourage you to book a treatment today to secure a time that works for you. Just phone the clinic at 416.482.4137 to schedule, or click below to book online.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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– Yvonne Osondu, RMT

Owner & Practitioner
Reflexology & Shiatsu Services of Toronto

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